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Getting Started With Open Sources Workshop @DTU, IEEE Delhi Section SAC

I gave two days workshop on 16th and 17th April in DTU to help people get involved with open sources. IEEE Delhi section SAC organized this workshop.

Keerti contacted me and suggested the idea to have one such workshop in Delhi  I suggested or rather pressurized her to have IGDTU as venue, but due to issues related to internet availability, I had to go ahead with their choice, i.e, DTU.

I already had a plan to visit Delhi in April, initially I suggested 9th and 10th but 16th and 17th was better for me and so we decided the dates to be 16th and 17th.

I was not close to the audience or rather had no idea about the audience so I asked Saksham to draft a basic version of curriculum that will work the best for the audience and will help them as much as possible. He made a very nice draft covering things from the very basic. I agreed to it and added some more things.

IEEE Delhi SAC team publicized the workshop in 15 engineering colleges across the Delhi Section. Only IEEE members were allowed to attend the workshop. I asked the team if we can allow everyone and I got very logical reason on why they can’t do it. 🙂

I think in almost all the mails I wrote to them, it had a line about doing something and increasing the number of women participants. I remember first thing I asked when I reached the venue on 16th was how many women are there? I didn’t get an answer that would have made me happy but there were still a good number.

Some of them knew what is open source, some of them knew about Git and GitHub, some have already tried to push a project to GitHub but were unable to do it. Some ran their first bash command, some ran their first Git command, some installed Linux during the workshop.

I talked about licenses, what is open source in general, why contribute to it, why use it, how to get started with open source project.

Many created their first repositories on GitHub.

On second day I created patches. Even after telling very few students came with things installed on their machine, anyways that’s what I was expecting also.

So we installed MUTT, faced issues and fixed them. Shivani attended the workshop and helped me a lot on second day by helping students in fixing the issues they were getting on their machines. She even wrote a post about it.
Link to the slides, Facebook post.

Dronacharya College Of Engineering, Gurgaon IEEE branch also wrote a piece about it.

I got a lot of issues and learnt what makes it difficult for first timers to get involved with open sources, the issues they face, questions they have (so many). A lot of learning for me as well. It was fun. 🙂

Picture at the end of second day.



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