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How do I get started with Systers Projects?

Writing on Quora made me forget about my blog for a while. With this blog post I’m coming back here. I’m not writing anything new but sharing one of my answer which I wrote on Quora.

This blog post will help you to get started with contributing to Systers  Projects.


You can find complete list of the projects here : Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community.
Systers has its projects divided into the following two sets :


Peace Corps Projects
Some of the projects  are projects for Peace Corps volunteers (PCVs)and administrators. The Peace Corps has many volunteers (PCVs) out in the field assigned in various countries around the world. They get a lot of great technology projects started, usually at hackathons, but they never get any of them complete so that they can deploy the applications to the PCVs who really need technology to help their assignments in many ways. Systers works on Peace Corp projects that they hope to have them deployed. Some of them are :
Systers Projects
Anita Borg Institute | Systers , have very specific needs to help them internally and externally with managing volunteers and having a Systers (and sub groups) portal. The Volunteer Management System and Systers Portal will hope to help Systers and volunteers to make a much engaged connection.
You can pick any project from the above list. We have pretty responsive owners/maintainers/mentors. We would love to have you contributing. Feel free to ask questions, any question.


Here is the Systers-Dev Wiki. Every project has a readme and documentation which will guide you through all the steps, on how to install things, dos and don’ts. Dedicate some time reading things first, if something is not present you can ping the maintainers.


Do they require  you to have past open source contribution  before working on their projects?


No. We try to be as beginner friendly as possible. Most of the projects have issues labeled under easy, medium and hard category. In this round of Google Code-in we had tasks which lets the student to find issues in the installation process, our documentation. So we hope to be more beginner friendly after this.



Just get started with any project from the list above which has a stack that sounds comforting to you. Then send some documentation fixes. Systers VMS has a issue dedicated to the suggestions that it receives for the installation issues (Review installing VMS work environment on different operating system and write a blog · Issue #134 · systers/vms ). So as the easiest thing you can either try finding some more issues or you can fix a issue listed here. You will learn some git and become more comfortable with the project. Then you can learn things and start working on actual issues.


Feel free to drop me a mail if something irritates you during the process. 🙂

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