Getting Started with Contributing to Linux Kernel @ IGDTUW

I gave my first talk on “Getting started with contributing to Linux Kernel” at my university, Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University on 14th March’15. I was interested in having it in IGDTUW, as I want more girls to get into contributing to open source. Many with a thinking that it is tough to get started don’t even try it.

Amitoj, helped me in setting the things up or I better say, she arranged and did everything, I just went and gave the talk. 🙂


We decided on the price of the workshop mutually, I wanted the price to be cheap, yet something which can be shared by all the fests to get some funding from this event.  We also offered need based grants to girls.


You can find all the material of the workshop here. The list of attendees is here.


I’m adding the mail I sent to every attendee, here. If you have missed, read it below.

I hope you learnt something new while attending the workshop “Write and Submit your First Linux Kernel Patch”.
To apply to Outreachy Internships in Linux Kernel, strictly follow these instructions (this page is awesome). You can find the slides here. There are other instructions in the same repository.
I have written some blog post to ease out the installations, you can read them here.
Feel free to mail me your query at tapaswenipathak@gmail.com, if you get stuck somewhere with what you have tried and where things went wrong.
Try to attach a screenshot of the commands and the problem while sending a question.
I would suggest to pick easy checkpatch.pl warnings and errors to send a patch as a beginner, after some get accepted you can than move to some other cleanup patches using some static analyzer tools.
Hope to see you all contributing to Linux Kernel.
All the best!


Tapasweni Pathak
..and I’m very happy to see that some girls started sending patches the very next day of this workshop. 🙂
Some pictures of the event.

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