The Linux Kernel Internship is Officially Completed

On 9th March, 2015 it ended officially. My mentor told me write a blog post for the same so here it goes. πŸ™‚


What we concluded from this internship work, is the Linux Kernel is improving. They have less bugs as they used to have. I have sent some patches to fix bugs present in current kernel version.

I was also required to push the new results to data base and make some graphs as part of my internship but the setup, it’s awful, even Nicolas, couldn’t identify the issue on my machine and he ended up doing the push in the database. Some things are still need to be done.

I learnt alot of new things due to this internship, not only technical things, but also about interesting tech conferences, speaking at tech conferences, how to make more people contribute to Linux Kernel, and the line “It’s easy to get started”. πŸ™‚

I’ll be soon conducting a workshop on getting started with contributing to Linux Kernel at my university.

The community is also awesome, we had regular career advising office hours from Erin and Tim, where they used to answer our queries on everything. We discussed about Hacker School, how to negotiate salary, future plans, masters in CS and everything.

So if you want to have similar fun and learn awesome things, go and apply for the next round of OPW (it’s now called Outreachy) internshi


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