SAP Labs Interview Experience

I’ll be joining SAP Labs, Bangalore as a Software Developer soon.

The process started way back in January, I got a mail with a link to register for the online test. I gave the online test. It had 5 or 6 sections. One was on English, general ability, programming, CS knowledge, psychometric test e.t.c.

I did it, it had two programming problem, the test was a bit lengthy. The total length was 1.5 hrs. I gave 40 minutes to the coding questions, 15 minutes to the CS questions and rest I gave to all other sections. I think 5 to 10 minutes each.

I ended up solving both the programming questions, one was super easy, other required DP. I also completed all the CS questions.

A week later I got the results, and I got called for the interview in SAP Labs Gurgaon.

There was three technical rounds, one HR and one Managerial. I ended up having two tech, one Managerial in which he talked mostly about HR stuff and then an HR, in which I was offered a position with SAP.

This is all about the process.


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