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Not a fan of Fibonacci numbers? You are gonna be one.

I started reading about Fibonacci numbers.

This post has some really awesome facts about Fibonacci numbers.

Using Fibonacci Numbers to Convert from Miles to Kilometers and Vice Versa

Yes, Fibonacci numbers can be used to do this!

Take two consecutive Fibonacci numbers, for example 8 and 13. And you’re done converting. No kidding – there are 13 kilometers in 8 miles. To convert back just read the result from the other end – there are 8 miles in 13 km!’

So, if you need to convert a number that is not a Fibonacci number, just express the original number as a sum of Fibonacci numbers and do the conversion for each Fibonacci number separately.

why it works?

Heard about Golden ratio?

Fibonacci numbers have a property that the ratio of two consecutive numbers tends to the Golden ratio as numbers get bigger and bigger. The Golden ratio is a number and it happens to be approximately 1.618.

Yes, you thought it right, there are 1.609 kilometers in a mile, which is within 0.5% of the Golden ratio.


A beautiful coincidence that the Golden ratio is almost the same as kilometers in a mile.


Fibonacci numbers in Nature!

Have a look.


No neighboring Fibonacci numbers have common factors

Yes. Let’s take 8 and 13. No common factors right? Want to take another example? okay. Think about 5 and 8. No right? Cool. 🙂


Every number is a factor of a Fibonacci number



Discover large prime numbers

Any Fibonacci number that is a prime number must also have a subscript that is a prime number (with the exception of the Fibonacci number 3, whose subscript is 4. This property can be used to discover larger prime numbers.

More : here.


2 thoughts on “Not a fan of Fibonacci numbers? You are gonna be one.

  1. what’s a subscript of a number?

    And can you explain how to convert km to miles and viceversa in case of non Fibonacci number.
    let’s take 18 for example. How much is 18miles in km


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