I’m using Emacs & Org Mode

As part my project, I had to read and work with org mode. I never heard of it before. It is for keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, planning and a lot more. While working on reading the reports, it becomes super easy to study the reports and annotate the reports as bug or FP, if I use org mode with Emacs.


In the first meeting(first week), I was told to get some familiarity of org-mode with Emacs. Oh, I have never used Emacs too and in serious ❤ with Vim. So I decided to use vim-org. My mentor was fine with it. I didn’t even wanted to try Emacs. As I’m so much comfortable with Vim. But then I cannot add full support of link, and color support, some code written in emacs lisp to extend org mode is used. So it becomes a bit impossible to use the vim version, and she suggested again to try it. To make it more easy, she helped me in setting it up in Emacs too.

I completed this tutorial to get started with org-mode and right now doing this, as I’m <3ing it.


I’ll be writing about how to do the setup in separate post.

Signing off…



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