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FOSS Outreach Program : Go For it Ladies!

For all who want to get started with Open Source Contribution, and want something beginner friendly. For all who want to learn something new, and in turn give back something to the Open Source Community. For all who want a internship, in the coming summer or next winters, which offers you a whopping $5500 plus $500 travel grant. Go ahead and read the post. 🙂

You will get these all by participating in the FOSS Outreach Program. Even the application period is fun and awesome. 🙂

Believe me, it damn easy! 🙂

What is it?

You can find such information on the page.

This is the Flyer, and has a lot of information about the program.

Outreach Program For Women
FOSS Outreach Program

I would suggest you to explore the web page I linked, before moving forward this blog post.

How easy it is?

Look at the below cartoon.

FOSS Outreach
FOSS Outreach Program

Yes, it is that easy.

What should I do?

Start contributing now, read their tutorial pages, ping the previous mentors, lurk on the irc channels. Ask, don’t, I repeat don’t hesitate. They are all very sweet and ready to help anyone.

Suggestions for the Application Period?

I have wrote a lot of blog post, about my journey to my first patch, have a read. Go thorough all the links. Some bullet points which will help you during the application period.

  • Never lie while asking for help. Be honest.
  • Don’t act. Be yourself.
  • Most important of all, show how much you crave to learn new stuff. Be curious, be inquisitive.
  • Plan ahead. Stick to your plan A while submitting patches in the application period.
  • Start as early as possible.
  • Have fun.
  • Be happy and continue to learn always.

Ping me if something irritates you in the process. Happy to help!

You can read this to submit your first patch to Linux Kernel.

Suggestions for the Internship Period?



I’ll be adding more stuff to this blog post (as I move on, in the process) and to many more separate post, so stay tuned. 🙂


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