100+ Linux Kernel Patches.

Two months back I decided to contribute to Open Source Software. I always wanted to contribute to OSS, but something or the other kept me holded.

Before September 2014, I didn’t even know how to submit a patch! Strange right? Not that strange. I was doing something else. 😉

I got my first patch accepted for Linux kernel, on 22nd September, I also wrote a blog post on the very next day. From some days before the day, the fun began. I submitted a lot of patches, up here, and out of them 105 of them was applied in the Linux Kernel.

For most the commit log, describe beautifully what they do, so you can go and explore them if you are interested.

There were a lot of help from many people. Everyone is so polite and nice. Ping them and they will answer your queries.

The most awesome person I came to know in this process is Julia Lawall. She helped me the most. 🙂

During this process of contributing to Linux kernel, I learnt a lot. I was a beginner in using Git, now it’s far better, may be good .

I learnt a lot of new things plus I got rid of some of my false beliefs.

You can learn X if you think you don’t know  X. But if you think you know X, and that too wrong, you will never check for your belief until someone points you about it, or you use it wrong at some important place, where you can face the consequences. I did it. But they helped me, and I learnt more.

BTW I somehow broke the build two times. 😛 Obviously not intentionally, but mistakes happen, I tried and will try never do it again.

I had a lot of fun while contributing to Linux Kernel. I am gonna do it in future too. It’s fun.

Last two months = Complete Fun.

Stay tuned for more. I’m hoping something good. 🙂

Many thanks to OPW. Yes I’ll be adding a separate blog post about it too. 🙂

I also contributed to Mozilla and Debian and sent a trivial patch for X.org. I’ll putting that experience in a separate blog post.


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