Boost Up Vim

If you are a Vim user, you probably have your own set of tricks that make your editing life a more pleasant experience. If you are not still, I would advise you to become one.

So here is how I boosted my Vim. You can use them if you have not still now.

Let’s install latest vim from source

Download it, the latest is 7.4.

follow the below steps:

#untar it

tar xvjf vim-7.4.tar.bz2 

cd vim74/src/

#configure it, I am enabling python support as it will be needed while Installing YouCompleteMe

./configure --enable-pythoninterp --with-python-config-dir=/usr/lib/python2.7/config


sudo make install

Now let’s install some Vim Plugins using vundle 

You can open your vimrc using

vim ~/.vimrc

Paste this is in your .vimrc.

inside vimrc

syntax on

set clipboard=unnamed

set number

set tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4 expandtab

set nocompatible

filetype off

set rtp+=~/.vim/bundle/vundle/

call vundle#rc()

Bundle 'gmarik/vundle'

Bundle 'Valloric/YouCompleteMe'

filetype plugin indent on

Download Vundle, using

git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vundle

Now let’s download and install our first boost up for vim, YouCompleteMe

git clone ~/.vim/bundle/YouCompleteMe

cd ~/.vim/bundle/YouCompleteMe

git submodule update --init --recursive

./ --clang-completer

Now to install, do

vim +BundleInstall +qall

Now some more stuff that I use:

Vundle : You also use this now.

vim-surround : This one is super cool. Try it.

delimitMate : To have autocompletion for quotes, brackets, braces e.t.c.

vim-snippets :  vim-snipmate default snippets.

YouCompleteMe :  A code-completion engine for Vim.

vim-trailing-whitespace :  Highlights trailing whitespace in red and provides :FixWhitespace to fix it.

vim-json : A better JSON for Vim: distinct highlighting of keywords vs values, JSON-specific (non-JS) warnings, quote concealing.

tabular : Vim script for text filtering and alignment.

vim-markdown : Markdown Vim Mode

nerdtree : A tree explorer plugin for vim.

vim-multiple-cursors : True Sublime Text style multiple selections for Vim.

vim-misc: Miscellaneous auto-load Vim scripts.

vim-session: Extended session management for Vim.

To install any of these

cd ~/.vim/bundle

git clone <the git url for the plugin to be installed>

#add this to .vimrc

Bundle <github username/project or plugin name>

#go to terminal and install using

vim +BundleInstall +qall

#You can also install this by typing this in vim


You can find some more cool stuff to add here.

Here, is one more awesome link. It says “The ultimate Vim configuration: vimrc”. I am not using it right now, I’ll add in my .vimrc as an when I learn and not import it, you can use this if you like.

Happy vimming!

❤ vim : )


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