GitHub Streak of 65 Days

Today, it ended. I didn’t wanted it to end, so soon.

I really forget stuff easily. These days I’m sending patches to Linux Kernel as it is the OPW internship application period, I had a lot to look and do apart from working on my side projects. So what? I could have managed. I know.

But hey, wait, I’m here, ideas are here, I can start all over it again. 🙂

Hakuna Matata. 😀


So let me write something about getting this 65 days streak on GitHub.

65 Days GitHub Streak
65 Days GitHub Streak

I coded something daily for 65 days. I wrote a blog post when I decided to code something useful everyday and push it to GitHub.

I ❤ those dark green ones. 🙂


I learnt a lot during these 65 days. I tried a lot of new stuff. I pushed two packages on PyPI. I hosted an API on HerokuApp. I learnt more of Git and GitHub. I resolved a lot of errors. I created my first Google-Chrome Plugin. I commited a lot more useful stuff. I open sourced many of my previous projects and also that I worked during this 65 day streak. You can find more here.

As in one word, it was “awesome!”. 🙂


You can read the blog post I attached on why you should too code something everyday.


I’m planning to start contributing to FOSS more. So  may be I won’t be able to maintain GitHub commits for X days/weeks. But wait I’ll be coding something everyday. It is fun. 😀


Stay tuned for those updates.




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