How To

How to remember ./configure script arguments

I keep forgetting stuff, and remembering configure script arguments is damn tough for me even a week later. There is something for the rescue.

Here’s a typical scenario – you install software from source, spend many hours figuring out the configure options, and finally run:

./configure --prefix=/a/b/c --with-X --with-Y \
--with-Z-dir=/usr/local/Z --enable-A --disable-B


and after some weeks or months, if you want to re use it,

If you’re lucky, you still have the old build somewhere in your home directory.

So to get it back, you go into the old build directory and run this:

./config.status --config

This will output the exact configure arguments that you used to configure the software. You just saved yourself  hours of work trying to remember all the arguments. 😀


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