Facebook No Feed : Nothing To Distract You

I have a important task list to complete, so these days I want to cut out all activities that are making me to waste, even some seconds.

The first to cut is Facebook. So I created a Chrome extension which hides all the content, feed of all kind from me/home.

Other options I could have chosen and reason I didn’t opted them :

1. Why I didn’t  deactivated my account?

cannot afford to miss some important notifications.

2.  Why not unfollow everything?

Oh, I tried for this alot. I searched a lot in Facebook Graph API, to find subscription id, or some thing, by the use of which I can send a DELETE REST request to unfollow all at one go, using a script. I did not find anything. 

3.  Why not use some other extension?

There are some extensions that are available, but most of the hides the news feed, and nothing else, the new Facebook UI has a lot of things to distract you. 

After all it’s fun to help yourself! 🙂

4.  Why I don’t unfriend all?

Oh, are you drunk?


So I created a Chrome extension and named it No Feed.  What it does can be better understood by looking at the pictures below :


No No Feed
Before No Feed Extension for Facebook


After No Feed Extension
After No Feed Extension


How you can use it?

I have not added this to Chrome store, as it is still in it’s Beta phase. Follow below steps to use it :

  1. Download it from here and extract/unzip it.
  2. Either go to chrome://extensions or go to Tools -> Extensions.
  3. Check Developer Mode is ticked.
  4. Click on Load unpacked extension, go to the location where you downloaded it in step 1.
  5. You are done.

How you using it would help me?

You will be Beta testing it for me. 🙂


I am not accessing your hidden information or anything using this. You can look at the ❤ code to confirm this.



Tapasweni Pathak



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