Qualcomm Summer Intern Interview Experience

I did my summer internship in 2013 with Qualcomm, Hyderabad, below are the written test and interview details.

I get many questions for this. So, today I’ll be adding a blog post on this.

Written Test

It was an online MCQ test. Time limit was one hour. There were around 55 question. It consists of three sections:
1) Aptitude Questions
Pretty simple.

2) Programming ability :
Patience is required to solve the questions. They were easy. Most of them had 3 to 4 nested loops.

3) Third section had questions from OS, CA, C++, DBMS. Most of them were from OS.


Technical PI (around 1.5 hr):

There was only one Technical Round
1) He asked me about my projects and made me write the pseudo code and flow chart for two projects. He wanted the perfect flow charts with the correct symbols used.

2) Priority Inversion (what, where and why)

3) Volatile Qualifier

4) Difference between static and global variable storage class

5) Questions on Storage classes

6) Toggle only second bit of a 8 bit char(both from right and left). Write one line code.

7) Coupling in C++ and Cohesion. Required combination(low/high).

8) All OOP concepts in C++. How they are implemented in C++.

9) How will you make a computer.( explanation of the components of computer).

10) Operating System uses(detailed explanation.)

11) How Application Software uses OS.

12) Drivers

13) CPU scheduling algorithms (one of my projects was on this). What and where each one of them should and shouldn’t be used. Advantages and disadvantages, if priority is considered in each one of them. If already considered how it is affecting.

14) Binary and Linear search.

15) Three switch puzzle.

16) Merge Sort and Quick Sort.

17) How will you improve any of your algorithm:discussed on space and time complexities.

This all I remember.


HR Round (30 minutes):
1) Introduction

2) She asked me about my projects, how you can enhance them, how they are useful to me.

3) Weakness, anything interesting thing about you that you can tell me.Examples for them.

4) Some points which you remember from the presentation.

5) Why Qualcomm, why you for Qualcomm?

6) What do you like more while working in a project , conceptualizing e.t.c and why?

7) Do you have any problem going out of station?



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