Use me, you would love me! : Markdown

This post is about Markdown. Consider these as my notes. Hope you too will learn something from it.


Easiest and simplest way to add formatting like bold, italic, bullet list. It’s a plain text formatting syntax, that can be converted to HTML. Read more.


“The overriding design goal for Markdown’s formatting syntax is to make it as readable as possible,” John Gruber of Daring Fireball, creator of Markdown.

Why Markdown?

It’s easy && it’s simple && it’s fast && it’s clean && it’s portable && it’s flexible && fewer errors.

It’s fun to learn new things right?

I can’t believe! Give me some examples.

You want something like :


Hi this is me!

Tapasweni Pathak.


How do you code this in HTML :




    <p> Hi this is me! </p>

    < a href = "https://tapasweni-pathak.github.io"> Tapasweni Pathak </a>




How do you write this in markdown :

Hi this is me!

[Tapasweni Pathak] (http://tapasweni-pathak.github.io).


and both of them will give same output as shown above. 😎 right?


This is the one I use.

Look for more here.

 I want to write some, but where?

Use this, as it say’s……



Hope you had fun reading it. 🙂




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