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Comments : Your Code’s Smell

Quoting the  Wikipedia article :

Due to time restrictions or enthusiastic programmers who want immediate results for their code, commenting of code often takes a back seat. Programmers working as a team have found it better to leave comments behind since coding usually follows cycles, or more than one person may work on a particular module. Hence, it was made a “good practice” to leave comments behind in code.

For me comments are a code’s smell. I forget stuff easily. So I have no other option then commenting my code, to easily understand it, if I return to it, at some point.

You should comment your code too, properly. As per the saying, comment “Why you are doing it”, not “What are you doing”. For me it depends. Sometimes I add one of them, sometimes both.

Comments in your code are really important.

You can have a look at this repo, if you want to know How to comment in your favorite programming language. I’ll be adding more languages soon. You can contribute too.

Some Fun. 🙂



Add comments to your code, it shows ❤ for the reader.



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